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how things are between me and the ex

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hello everyone


well, after the whole sex buddies arrangement kicked in, my ex and i became even closer as friends.

Yes i broke the "rules" we agreed on and i became very attached but didnt let him know how i really felt about him.

well the problem is that i get the feeling that he has been getting attached as well, treating each other like when we were going out again. no one knew we were still sleeping together. when drinking with3 other friends, we were all laughing how my ex before the one i love has turned gay apparently (another story), he then winks at me and tells me "now you have a better boyfriend". friends looked up but didnt question it.


but what really hurt was that he started celebrating the fact that he had all next year to try and get another girl's phone number in his law course


what does this all mean? was he covering up the fact he made a mistake in declaring he was my boyfriend? Or is he just sleeping with me until he finds someone better?



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Decide what you want from him. Ask him what he wants from you.


If they are the same, then bingo!! If not, decide what you can live with or can't live with.


Trying to interpret what he wants is hard enough for you, but nearly impossible for us. So the only way to really know is to go to the source. Good luck and I hope you get what you want.

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What guy doesn't want to have a friends with benefits until something better comes along. Guys will use you for that if you had a relationship and agreed on "rules" then you broke them and continued to sleep with him, you are opening the whole thing up for you to get hurt. As soon as he finds someone he wants to be in a relationship with you can bet your gonna get dropped like a hot cake, stop it now before your feelings get hurt!

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my ex hints at us still having a sexual relationship sometimes. The simple fact is if i do that and then he becomes interested in someone else, i will be in for the biggest let down of my life! Know what you are getting into because you may be setting yourself up for the biggest heartbreak of you life! How will you feel if he gets the Law class girls phone number? I know that i would be putting my heart out there for him to stomp on yet one more time...make sure youarent doing the same thing. My ex isnt getting ANY affection from me... i think id rather have a one night stand with a total stranger than open the door with him again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

OMFG! he called last night!


i thought he was just checking up on me since i had been in a car accident, he'd been calling every other night this week since a friend told him about it.

but last night the convo changed direction... he really misses me and doesnt want to be with anyone else except me.




i really am over the moon, i never thought it would come to this.


Thankyou all for your support!


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