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I saw my ex at a club...and there was drama!

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Hey...I have written here before in my last post...and I have explained how my ex wants nothing to do with me. He broke up with me 3 months ago. Well last night I went to this club...which he konws I go to all the time...but he barely goes and he happened to be there with some friends. Well I saw him and I just ignored him...I kept dancing...I danced with like 3 guys and I checked to see if my ex was looking and he was looking at the wall everytime I looked...there was nothing on the wall. He didn't dance at all. Well looked like his group of friends which included 4 total were talking about me...I noticed it and his friend then came up to me and told me my ex wanted to talk to me. I told him no because he told me he wants nothing to do with me...he made that clear. Was that a joke? Then I look at him and I say hi...he says hi back. Then I turn around and supposedly he was giving me this dumb looks and my friend came and pushed his head...him and two of his friends that were joking. My friend felt hurt for she is like my sister...we know each other all of our lives. I grabbed his arm and I asked why are you doing this and he only said I was not talking about you...and yet his friend was telling me he eanted to talk to me. Me and my friend just left.


I don't understand why he is acting like this. He is the one who broke up with me...so why act like that? Was he jealous? He chose to stay there by me watching me dance with other guys...I was trying to have fun...move on and have a good time. He's told me that I should here he was laughing at me. I seriously was having a good time until that happened. So why act immature the way he did by trying to cause a scene?

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He clearly did this, because he probably felt that you were having a rough time getting over him, so when he finally see's the truth that you're just fine without him in your life, he freaked out, and acted out in an immature fashion, which ruined your night.

Just forget him... if you meet up again, just ignore him. Don't try to contact him and try to sort it out, or find out answers, because that will make him think that you've been thinking about him.


Show him you're strong, and happy even without him.

You can smile without him.

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Sounds to me like he was telling his friends he could have you back if he wanted. Don't read into this as it is clear he was trying to be studly in front of his friends. If he wanted you back or he felt jealous, he would make it know to you not his friends. Forget him and move on, he sounds like an immature jerk!

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I agree. Sometimes, people that are the dumpers hold on to the fact that since they made the decision they think they can undo it just like that. They keep thinking that you are devestaded and going to be waiting for them to take you back, and that it will take you a ong long time to move on and start dating again. Since you proved him wrong (especially by dancing with other guys in front of him) you prolly hurt his ego a bit. He was prolly trying to prove that he could still have you if he wanted when he was saying he wanted to talk to you or whatever, but he sounds like a jerk to me. One that dosen't deserve your time, or thoughts anymore, so just keep going out and having fun! Sounds like your doing a good job already

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Thanks for all the replys. That night really opened my eyes and also showed me his true colors. It really hurts knowing that he was mocking me behind my back...someone I had feelings for. To think we were good friends to...like best friends. But best friends don't do what he did...my best friend is the one who bopped his head....lol...Anyway..that was something that should have not been done...but maybe it had to...so he can be looked as a jerk. Things happen for a reason I guess. I'm just trying to take things day by day.


I also was not surprised at the way he had his friend approach me...actually it was his cousin. I know he is like that...and that is so him. He is a very shy egotistic person. But any how...I'm trying hard...and I mean hard to not contact him...even though I felt really bad and embarrassed from that night. How can someone be so cruel like that? I never cheated on him...I treated him good...he broke up with me! Why?

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