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She’s pulling away !

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I recently reconnected with a girl that I really like. we went on a date last week and it was great I stayed at hers for 2 nights. my ex gf has sabotaged this because she still wants me. She rang her slating me to the girl and the girl said she can’t be assed to be involved with the drama and has pulled away. She had a high interest level in me. I had a thing with her last year and I reached out to her because I still think about her to this day. Her texts have got shorter and and takes longer to reply. She hasn’t blocked me and also still watch’s my story’s on Snapchat. I’ve pulled back atm. she responded to a message I sent and havent sent her message in a few days because I don’t want to chase and come off as needy now. Any advice how I can salvage this ?

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50 minutes ago, Jaypablo1992 said:

. She rang her slating me to the girl and the girl said she can’t be assed to be involved with the drama and has pulled away. 

How long have you and the ex GF been broken up?

Why would your ex GF have this woman's contact info?

Unfortunately you'll need to go no contact and delete and block the ex GF from all your social media and messaging apps. 

This new woman was right distancing herself from this drama. You'll need to make a clean break before you date others. Is this the same woman?:


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Let her pull away.  It's her choice.  Go your own way.  Block and delete social media.  Once you part ways, it's over.  Make a clean break and move on.

If you want to be well mannered and gracious, you can forewarn her that she will no longer be on your social media.  Don't explain.  Wish her all the best and sign off.  There is a way to act classy even in uncomfortable situations. 

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Until you make proactive efforts to prove that you have distanced yourself from this ex, I don't think there is much you can or should do.

The only things you can do is be open and honest with your new interest, then the ball is in her court.

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