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BIG FAT Chicken that really needs advice

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A guy told my workmate to give me a big kiss from him. We had a very brief thing a few months ago but we didnt communicate well so I called it off 'cause I couldnt read how he felt about me. Things got a bit strange after that- ignoring each other then talking etc. We havent spoke for a few months 'cause he moved out of the area.

So is this kiss thing a hint for me to call him? And if I dont call will he think I dont like him? He cant call me cause I've changed my number but if he really wanted he could get it from my workmate. I still dig the guy totally but it kinda seems easier not 2 ring him. Guess I'm a big chicken when it comes to someone I really like- Im so not used to being in this position- and I was just starting to get over him when this happened. I havent even been able to date anyone else until a few weeks ago 'cause I still really liked him! Guys would u say this kiss thing about someone u didnt like?

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