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Some of you know my story..brief summary for those that do not. 3 weeks ago my bf/x (whatever the heck he is) decided we should toake a break. I DO NOT CALL HIM...he has however bee calling me from time totime, especailly when he knows it will go to Voicemail liek in the mniddle of the night (he works 3rd). he leaves me reall cutseya**messages and acts like there is a chance that we will get back together. SO last night when i saw him at the racetrack we both go to i said hi and sat by him for a while, but he was being brief with me, acting very nonchalant. (he was with his friends who are way younger than him and are drunks idiots) I finally said "Do you not want me to sit with you for a while?" and he goes "It doesnt matter" like he didnt care so my friend and i went back to the area where my family was sitting. If he isnt interested in me, then why does he call during the middle of the week? During the middle of the week he seems like the sweet person i fell in love with, then on weekends when he is with his dumb friends he ignores me?

P.S. Iam pretty sure he is not seeing anyone either, and this week i saw him a the gas station and he said "i dont even really consider myself single"- Hmmmm?

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I think he probably expected you to be calling him back and well he probably never expected that you wouldn't be calling him and begging him to or at least questioning why the break up. I feel that you probably let him go easier than he expected. So I really think he's leaving you these messages cuz he wants you to let him know that you still have feelings for him to mend his slightly bruised ego I guess.


He does seem like kind of a jerk for acting differently when with his friends.

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You are right on, that is why i DIDNT call him. I have not called him once! I think about callinghim 1000 times a day too, but i have prided myself on NOT calling him. Even when my friend and i went out and i was drunk i didnt call him! I am just sorry that i went up to him to say hi last night! That feels like the equivalent to one call. oh well not bad for 3 weeks. Whenever i feel like i want to call him i think of what a jerk he is when he is around other people! Ugh! By now his "Incoming calls" log (which holds about 20) should have my id nowhere in it! His out going? Now that is a dfifferent story. I have to remind myself that i dont want him cause he doesnt even know who he is!

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You seem attracted to his aloofness and the "bad boy" qualities he has. The problem is, you will be the one burned in the end.

You deserve way better than having to chase this dork of a guy. Why do you feel the need to accept crumbs from this guy? Please work on yourself and your self-esteem away from this guy. Show him and the world you are worth more than that.

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