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Girl at work.. should i still ask her out ?

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howdy everyone,


over the last few months ive really liked this girl at my work but ive been way too shy to talk to her properly. anyways i got a mate to find out if she likes me and she said she likes me as a friend and she just wants to be mates with me...



should i still try asking her out? i know that she will proberbly say no but i guess it might make things final or might give me closure or make me feel better that i asked or something... (still really confused about what im thinking)


also what should i be thinking and how should i be acting around her at work once its over... avoid contact or try to be her friend???? or anything else?


some advice pweeeeze

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If you ask her, just know that it wont get intimate. Shes stated that she wants to be friends, and thats pretty much final. Now you can ask her on a date as a friend, get to know her, and make her fall in love with your personality. Thats only if you want to take that approach.

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