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Company restructuring

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Such a fancy term, restructuring.  In many cases that word messes peoples' lives up.

I don't usually push against change, I welcome it, but if my employer's rumored future restructuring leaves me unemployed or with a massive change in responsibility not in my favor, I think it might be the shoe that finally kicks my own butt out the door. 

I've been lucky to have never been fired or downsized or laid off.  Maybe my number is coming up.

My Mom always says  "things happen for a reason", and throughout my life that sentiment has rung true 50% of the time.

In the career ups and downs, I have been keeping an ongoing file of "Plan B" careers and business ideas.
I think it's important to have a Plan B.
I must have learned that in Boy Scouts "Be Prepared"  or defensive driving training  "always have an escape route"

If this downsizing sees me packing up my desk, perhaps a complete 180 into a new occupation altogether is in order.

Let's see how things shake out.   2023 might be the year of change.

I welcome any comments about career re-direction you have experienced!

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