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How do I tell my boyfriend what I want in bed?

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Before everyone gets up in arms, I don't mean this in a weird way, but sometimes I want my BF to call me Mama in bed. And I don't mean he has to do it all the time, just sometimes is what I've been fantasizing about.

My boyfriend introduced me to calling him Daddy and him calling me babygirl and I love it, totally enjoy it. Then one time long ago a fantasy suddenly popped into mind of him calling me "Mama" during sex, like, "Yeah, Mama" and OMG, I find it so hot.

When I self-pleasure, I get off to him being the submissive one and him calling me "Mama", just an inversion of what we do now, but I have no clue how to introduce this to him for real life sex, because 1) what if he thinks I'm a weirdo and 2) what if he has no interest in being submissive? I could mentally see him doing it, but I could be totally off.

I'm also starting to have a similar fantasy where my BF worships me during sex.

I'm talking about stuff like "You're a goddess, baby. It's an honor to be inside you, Mama" and yeah, stuff like that. Do you think guys are into stuff like that? I feel totally awkward bringing it up and have no idea how to request it. Or frankly, where it came from, because I never thought I'd be into stuff like that, but now I'm thinking it'll be nice to have that once in a while.

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Dont think nobody here knows what your boyfriend would enjoy or not. But if he gets off to you being a submissive one(why do you think he asked you calling him "daddy"?) dont think he would particulary enjoy "role reversal". Though you can always discuss those stuff with him, its not out of order to tell him what you would enjoy and ask if he would like that.

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If a guy is in bed with a woman and she asks him to rob a bank chances are he will agree to it right at that moment 🤪

 Don't bring up what you and your ex did but whisper in his ear what you want all nice and sexy and the odds are pretty good he will at least give it a try.  Being verbal is really hot for most people so talk about it and see what he likes too.

 It is so much easier to have sex than talk about it with your partner, try and break out of that.


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