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i cant sleep!! what should i do?!

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Well - lots of things can be going on. You should try googling insomnia, or check on link removed for more info.


A few things you can do:


1) don't drink caffiene in the afternoon

2) the only things you should do in bed are sleep and sex. don't read or watch TV from bed, because then your body is used to being awake in bed.

3) try to go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up the same time every morning - even on weekends!

4) You may want to try some sleeping pills for the first few days to get you on schedule.

5) don't work out late in the day


if you keep having problems, go to a doctor.


good luck!

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EXCERSIZE! I swear to you it will work mircacles...Go outside in the hottest weather, the more the sun beats down on you the more exhausted you will fill. When you are outside just excersize like crazy. Swimming, biking, basketball, run, just do so much that you are so exhausted that you can't stand it. Then stay up until night time and then go to bed. If you do this for two days, you will be sleeping better. In a week you will definitely develop a better sleeping habit.


Do not use any sleep aid until u try the excersize thing. The same thing happened to me. When i first moved to GA a few years ago before moving back to here, i did nothing but chat online all day and watch movies and sleep. And eventually i got to where i couldn't sleep. So i started to get freaked out.


Then i started to go outside for hours at a time and just play basketball. I loved the sport so i could do it all day if i wanted. And It helped tremendously. I started sleeping wonderfully...


now after a week, if you're not sleeping better then try Excedrine PM. But don't take it in successional days. Take it a night, then see if you can sleep the next night. Then take it again. But for now longer than a week. If all this doesn't help, i'd recommend seeing a sleep therapist. If you need anymore info, pm me.

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