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On 1/21/2023 at 4:57 AM, Batya33 said:

I love this and will add -put very small/baby step goals on the list -very very nitty gritty specific not abstract.  For example once covid eased up I promised myself I'd get out there more and resume some sort of volunteering.  But that's abstract.  So I forced myself to be aware of opportunities, to be proactive about following up and I managed to do two activities that involved meeting new people/socializing and volunteering.

  I also made changes as far as getting more me time during the day (covid was suffocating at times as we live in a small apartment and telework plus virtual learning.....) - specific changes so not just "I want more me time" but looking at my day and figuring out when that could be put into my day with the least amount of accommodation needed from my family. 

Likewise a couple of years ago I realized that screen time later in the evening disrupted my winding down/getting a good night's sleep so I started shutting off my phone and computer up to an hour earlier.  It made a difference!  Figure out how you can get to what you want by dividing it into doable steps IMO.

I've been getting more "me time" lately as well, @Batya33.  Instead of cell phone, computer or TV, I worked on my hobby projects.  I felt very productive and industrious.  My plan is to make progress on my projects every evening after dinnertime.  I become completely engrossed in my endeavors.  😊

Even though the height of Covid was definitely a different experience, tele working full time for both my husband and me was a boon.  Our days ended early and we were able to get so much done.  It was incredible.  Now, we're back to a hybrid situation but the goal is to tele work 100% within the next several months.  Fortunately, we have this flexibility.  I also immensely enjoyed the break from a lot of people especially local relatives and in-laws which was absolutely heavenly🙂 Sure, I missed my closest friends but we met for walks at parks and to this day, it's doable.  It was the opposite for me.  It was suffocating prior to Covid if anything.  That's just me though.

I'm no longer on FB and what a huge time saver it is.  Funny thing is, I don't miss it. 


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