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A way that worked for me. Actualy it worked very well....

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I had been planning at length how to ask out my now girlfriend, and I knew we are going to be spending next weekend together so I had it all worked out. However, as so frequently happens, another opportunity came up to meet her before that, with a bout ½ hour's notice! So my plan came in for a little alteration.


I knew, or at least I felt fairly sure that she liked me from what she had been texting to me. Because she lives quite a long way away from me I didn't want to commit myself to actually going out with her, what I did worked amazingly well! Cheesy as it may sound, I simply asked her, exact words here, 'How much do you like me?' She responded by asking me in what way I meant, and I was like, Anyway at all? I made the only mistake I think happened, and that was that I didn't get her on her own first. I think she must have guessed what I was getting at because she just said 'Lets go!' She took us off to be alone, and it just kind of went from there. Yes, we both liked each other, and conveniently she brought up the distance issue as well. All sorted, very smoothly with a minimum of fuss AND the required result!


As I said, if you choose to do it this way, make sure you get her on her own first!


Has anyone else done it like this? I think not quite knowing how you stand with someone is the hardest thing ever, is it friends or does she want something more? Anyway that's my two-pence, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Doc 8)

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