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Suggestions on Finding New Hobbies


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Just be careful not to over invest in something that's currently trendy but may not last as a means to earn additional income. A friend of mine bought thousands of dollars worth of Beanie Babies back in 2001. She was sure it was a solid investment because back then people were going crazy for those dolls. My SIL did the same thing with Precious Moments figurines. Both of them have garages full of basically worthless dolls.

If you're crafting for your own enjoyment of course there isn't a price on that. Your enjoyment is the payoff. 

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On 1/18/2023 at 1:06 AM, catfeeder said:

I'm sorry to hear this. So what is this thing that cannot be named? (It would help us to help you if we had an idea of what you loved...)

Okay, someone mentioned walking, and it's free. But then you say you don't want to do it alone. But then you say you don't want to meet anyone because you've gained weight...

Do you see a pattern here? Your'e not just stuck, you're determined to STAY stuck.

Anything that someone raises you smack down with a supposedly practical concern, except doing that keeps you overweight, so then you refuse to meet men who might do with you the stuff that you don't want to do alone...

This is an impulsively negative cycle that you can either break, or not, that's up to you--but it makes no sense to say that you're stuck even while you nix any and every suggestion to bust yourself out of that place.

What about using earbuds to listen to audiobooks or podcasts while you walk off the extra weight? (They are not expensive, so don't even...) At some point the activity will help you to feel more inspired to pursue meeting people with whom you can do other things.

Start somewhere, without excuses. It costs no money to walk, it moves and strengthens all major muscle groups and does not require company if you listen to interesting things. I'd suggest streaming motivational stuff that will help you to break your habitual fight to REMAIN stuck.

A body in motion....

catfeeder   took the words from my mouth.

You need a challenge, a real challenge out of your comfort zone.

There is a really nice thing about trying a new thing...the momentum often leads to habit.
As a retired athlete I am sure you have had this experience.

I was in some sort of existential crises a few years back and a friend suggested meditation or walking.  Guess what?  I did both!  Every morning (6am)  for almost 2 years now, I walk for 45 minutes a day or about 2.5 miles a day!  Last year alone I walked 700miles!  And I meditate for 10 minutes at the halfway point of the walk.
It's my "me time" before the worlds demands are slayed upon me!
AND, I subscribe to several podcasts that keep my brain learning and building myself as a human in this chaotic world.  It's been a game changer for me personally....and it's 100% free!
All it cost me was a good pair of running shoes.

So if that's not your gig, check out the other suggestions.  Maybe public speaking courses or improv classes...or maybe a side hustle that can help you earn some $
Good luck!

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