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i've been thinking about a missed opportunity a while back and i wondered if things could have gone right. First a bit of history.


There was a girl that i got along with really well in my art class and we became good friends. everyday we would flirt and talk a lot, teasing each other and what not. being a stupid sophmore, i was oblivious that she really liked me. i actually thought that she was just being a really friendly and playful girl, nothing more than that.


i did go out to the movies with her once, and we have chatted online and emailed a lot outside of art class.


then one day, one of her friends who had been trying to play matchmaker for us both (in between friend), which again i was oblivious to, got into a fight with the girl i knew.


basically the girl in art got REALLY mad at her friend, who i hung out with a lot and things just started to go downhill. they basically hated each other school ended that year and during the summer the girl that liked me still corresponded with me via email but we sort of grew apart. and as the next year started, the girl that was my friend, i started to hang around with her A LOT. that was the point where the girl that liked me really dissociated herself from me. i recall she asked me once if i liked the girl i was hanging around with which i absolutely denied and even said "no i like you", to which i got an ambiguous response. i felt that she thought i wasn't telling the whole truth.


it was not until very later, that the girl i was friends with told me basically that her former friend had reallly reallly liked me. she said the former friend got upset asking questions like, "does he even notice me?", and i believe she has cried over me a few times because i didn't really show affection back. but these are all things that i have been told, and have been completely oblivious to until now. i was soo dumb...


anyways, i still don't know why things went sour. is it possible that she got so jealous of the girl i hang out with, and could just that ruin everything and change liking to hating?


also what do you think of a guy who constantly hangs around with this one particular girl who is just a friend, would people get the wrong idea? ( i dont hold hands or touch her and stuff, i actually feign indifference around her...)

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