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I'm planning on asking out (before the middle of next week) that girl who I asked out to prom but got a no because that is the same night she starts her first day at work a nearby movie theater. This day is next Saturday.


I either thought about surprising her by showing up that same night at the theater and talk to her a little and watch a movie (she's probably going to be working the concessions, but if she is working the ticket booth, I have her choose the movie or, as I just thought of a few minutes ago, I could ask her out to a movie at that theater earlier in the day followed by dinner or something. I would probably want to ask her what time she starts work, though, because I'd hate to make her late to her first day of work.


Which do you think I should do? Of course the first choice is so much easier but I want to ask her out really soon, because school is almost out for us. The first one is spontanious and would put her in a good mood, but the movie + dinner idea would be more of a date, which I would like with this girl.


I'm having a hard time deciding this. Any input from y'all?

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I'm planning on asking out (before the middle of next week) that girl who I asked out to prom but got a no because that is the same night she starts her first day at work a nearby movie theater. This day is next Saturday.


Hey, umm...I'm lost in this, you've asked her to prom before...and you got turned down?...b/c she started her first day on the job...on the same day as prom?...


I find that really hard to believe if that is what she said....most employers would understand to let a girl have off the day of prom...unless there's something I ultimately don't know, clear it up a little tho.

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So here's the situation. I'll try to make it as short as possible.


I've known this girl through band for a couple years. We've been basically friends (though we haven't hung out a lot together) through the years. Over the past month or so I have felt this attraction towards her. For a lot of that time I shyed away from her (my nature with girls), only until the past couple of weeks when I have stepped up and started making some moves. I sort of made it clear through "accidental" touching (like on shoulder) at school, and she took notice. Last week I worked up the nerve to call her up. I asked her what she was doing that day (of calling her), and she said she was busy. That kind of ended that convo. So I played it cool this past week, talking to her some more at school whenever I could (which wasn't a lot). Often times when she sees me she gives me this smile of hers (with a raise of the eyebrows... not the kind of smile she gives her other friends). Lately in band she has tried sitting closer to me while we play. I can sense that she likes me, I am almost sure of it.


A few days later I IMed a friend of hers and asked if she had plans for prom night. She said she didn't know. The next day at school I walked past her and her friends and I saw one of her friends whisper into her ear (probably something like "There he is...") as I passed, and she quickly turned around at me and smiled a little. So her friend must have told her I asked about her going to prom.


So then the other day I called her up and and asked her staight up if she'd go to prom with me. She said in a friendly tone of voice (she sounded like she was open to talking to me), "Actually, that night I start my first day of work, so I can't go with you." In the way she said it though, it seemed like she would have said yes if she didn't have work. We chatted about her work spot for a minute (when she said it was at a movie theater) then we said bye and hung up. I know I should have talked to her more, but it was nerve-wracking enough, and I just couldn't think of anything to talk about. She knows I'm shy, but she also knows now that I am trying to get out of my shell (I couldn't have imagined doing this a while back).


I don't know how recently she got the job. If it was a while ago (a few weeks at least) that she got it, she probably had her heart set on going to her first day there, and not going to prom. Only recently (the past few days) did she get the idea that I was going to ask her to prom. Prom probably wasn't on her mind (though one can't assume that), but I don't think she turned me down because of ME. Even today she seemed happy around me, so she didn't get turned off by me asking her.


I really think she likes me (just by the way she acts around me), but there's still that slight possibility that she might not in that way. I really don't know.


Do you think that she'd be likely to say yes to a date? Just because she turned me down to something like prom (with the possibility of a yes) with an excuse because of work doesn't mean she'd be against going on a regular date with me. She does seem interested in me lately.

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I understand that she doesn't want to miss her first day of work, neither would I. I would not ask her to do sometihing before she works though, because she'll want plenty of time to prepare for her job. I think you should ask her out though, especially since this is before summer. At least you would have her number to call her again for a second date. I think you should go for it. Here's an idea put both together. Go to the movie theater when she's working, ask her what movie you should watch that SHE would want to see or if at the snack counter what she would get for the movie, then surprise her by saying you'll see it/get it next time because maybe she'll join you for it, so ya'll can see it together, or eat ___whatever??____. (fill the blank)

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Yeah that sounds like a cool idea.


But one problem right now -- I don't know what time she starts working. There are 3 different movies showing in the same theatre (2 screens) at staggered times. I'm afraid if I ask her what time she starts her... shift (?), she'll soon realize that I would try to make it to the theater when she's working. Then that wouldn't be a surprise. And she'd probably ask why I am asking her when she starts. It would seem kind of obvious if I sort of finished the convo (on the phone about her work) a few days later with a question like that. Or do you think she'd forget by that night?

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