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Strechtmarks? Not Sure plz help

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I have these squiggly lines that are a burgendy colour. I have them on my calf right below my knee and on my inner thighs. Are these stretch marks? I'm not sure because I haven't gained any weight. My mom says it could be from wearing tight jeans.... but I doubt bruises would last this long. Or even a pinched nerve. I guess I've had them for about 4 months now. If they are stretchmarks or pinched nerves either one, is there anyway to get rid of them?

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No my mom has the varicose veins in her arms. They don't look the same. They're like a redish colour. Hers are more blueish deep purple kind.


Well you are also younger, and they won't be as deep or bad. They can still be spider veins even if they are not deep purple.


Stretchmarks would make your skin look "stretched" in places and range from pale white/pink to dark brown/purple and take place in areas more likely to stretch when you gain/lose weight or go through puberty, like hips, tummy, breasts, back (as you grow taller).

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There are creams I've heard of and probably lots of tips on the net.

here's a couple links. I have some strecth marks on my stomach and they kind of feel indented and squishy, almost like an old burn scar and can range from whitish to red depending on exertion.


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If they are stretchmarks best way to treat them is also in prevention.


Keep area well moisturized - using a Vitamin E lotion is often recommended, you can also buy Vitamin E capsules you can break and rub on skin in areas more pronme to marks.


Speak to a dermatologist about reducing ones you have already

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