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He's in trouble - what to do?

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I'm not real sure where to start. But, I'll try my best.


I have been dating this wonderful guy for about a little over two months.

And it's all been great, he's awesome. But, lately he's been getting into

a little bit of trouble. Okay, just not a little - a lot. He was caught

recently with cigarettes in his room and his parents weren't too happy

about it. He no longer has a door, or anything in his room - and he won't

be at home much longer. His father is taking him away this evening. To his grandmother's house, which is about 40 minutes from my home.


I've left him with my phone card numbers, and told him to call if he ever

needed anything. Tried to give him my debit card numbers, but he said he couldn't take it. Money, a ride, a place to stay -- anything. I'm so scared for him, and it hurts even more to know I may not see him for awhile now.He does not know how long he will be there -- and last night he called and told me everything and it almost sounded as if he was in tears.


He tells me that he is just a screw up, and that he never desearves

me -- that I am too good for him. And I can't get him to understand

that I believe in the total opposite -- he's too good for me. And

last night he told me how much he loved me, and how'd he would do

anything just to hold me at the moment, and it was horrible. I love

him soo much.


I guess my question is -- what do I do now? Do I sit and wait (he fears

I'm going to leave him now that this has happened) for him to return home. Do I beg his parents to forgive him, do I just sit in my room and cry in self pity. I try to stay upbeat while I'm on the phone with him --

he's upset because he knows how bad this hurts me -- and I don't want him to hurt anymore. What do I tell him to reassure him that I love him and I want to stay with him -- and that everything is going to get better once this situation clears up. That it is not the end of the world?

He said that he was sorry for even telling me - that this isn't my situation.

And he doesn't want to haul me down with it all.


I realize there's nothing I really can do - except wait it out and hope that everything will be okay. Or just wait to see what happens. But, this kid is like a drug, and one will begin to have withdrawel symptoms.




What am I suppose to do?

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