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I have been posting here for a few days. All the comments have helpled out a great deal.


I was finally able to talk to my ex last night and go into more discussion about our relationship. Well, as usual I worried and got very upset for nothing (not for nothing, but too much). HE did not have time to think about anything due to work and a trip coming up. Come to find out he wanted more time. I suggested 2 months, he said that would be good. I said "ok, 2 months, I will date other people, give you some space and then we can talk, no contact either" Of couse, the no contact and me dating others did not sit too well with him at ALL.


Finally came down to this: I told him I would give him 2 WEEKS to think about us. I would not date others, no contact for 2 weeks. I told him I cared for him and thought our issues were not that big to end this. Apparently I said things to him that hurt him. Anyone else that had the normal ups and downs of a relationship would not have taken my comments to heart as much as he did. That was part of the problem.

I told him 2 months was too long and if that was the case, then I would probably be with someone else at that time. He was upset with that. I told him 2 weeks was all I could give. If he did not figure this out by then, then I was moving on with my life. He said ok. I told him I love him still he said the same and I said I will call you in 2 weeks.

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