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i need a bit of advise i cant get this guy out of my head

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so there is this guy at work, and i know hes not right for me..but he is plaguing my mind . and everytime i want to talk about the situation i get blown off , but when i seem to be ignoring him which i have tried to do to get over the situation, thats when he bothers.....its driving me crazy i just want to have a talk and come to some kind of conclusion and just fill him in on where i stand bc i didnt exactly do that before , and i guess that was wrong and he deserves to know how i feel about him . but now hes being all evasive again , and im having bad dreams about it and i feel horrible and almost alone...i know i have friends that have my back ..but i considered him one of my good friends and i miss him..and something needs to be clairifyed . but he dropped his cellphone in a toilet ...and i dont want to wake up his roomates calling the house..im just at a loss right now and dont want to be a pain , but he needs to know how i feel ...how i have felt but that it wont work out ...and i need his support and understanding if he wants to remain good friends as he has stated.... any advise at all is welcome..thanks for reading my mess of thoughts

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Hi - I'm sorry to hear about your pain. Honestly, it sounds like he's not interested in you romantically, and that he really doesn't want to be your therapist either. Like punchy said - don't drop your problems on him. Call one of your friends that you know will support you. Or talk to a school therapist. If you know that he is wrong for you, it will make it so much easier to get over him.


good luck!

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i know he is wrong for me ...but we had become such close friends and then he told me no matter what happens he wants to be friends....hes playing mind games....also hes been the one pursuing me ..i was just never certain of how i felt ..then i knew how i felt but figured things just wouldnt work out ..hes got a way different set of morals then i do and would end up breaking my heart in the end...im not willing to let another ahole do this to me...so basically its been a battle between my heart and my brain....and he was getting frustraited bc he couldnt tell what i was feeling...now i want to tell him and ''his phone falls in the toilet''

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Here's the thing: a lot of guy, actually, girls too will say, "I just want to be friends with you" when they are not interested in a person. A good deal of them don't even want to be friends, it's just something that they say to try to soften the blow.


So, if you find he chases you when you back off, why don't you just back off! Let him miss you. Tell your other friends about your problems. Don't be so available to talk to him. Don't linger around him. Act happy, do your own thing. Start dating other guys. This may just drive him nuts about you, and he'll come back to you begging to be with you.


Or, he won't, and you'll be well on your way to moving on.

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right on annie i just talked to one of my bestest buds who happens to be a guy so its nice so we can give opposite sex insight ...and i do that and act happy and thats when he bothers..but hes not even worth that ..imma go back to going on with my life and ignoring him....it all went bad when he called me from work ....and then said hed call me later...and i didnt answer when he called...then felt bad and tried to call back...

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