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After 10 weeks of being split up and almost 3 weeks of NC (save the text from him) I packed up the rest of the items that he had bought for me over the last 2 years and left them on his doorstep.


Dramatic? Perhaps. I'm not sure, but...I've been thinkng about this for the entire time we've been apart. I had returned most of the stuff but the other things were in storage. They were a few of my favorite things honestly, but I just couldn't keep them. I've kept the photos/cards and have packed those away.


I don't know. Maybe it was a big kiss off jester from me. I never really got a chance to explode for his actions then later was made to feel like I was the reason he did them/I caused them. I was in shock I guess, or disbelief. At the moment, I feel relieved not to have the items in my possession any longer. I didn't want to throw them out either. I figure this is something he can do if he chooses to. So I guess that was the final step in my attempt to let go completely.


Does this make any sense?

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I've told you before, I sure wish my ex had given me my presents back. Lord knows I did my due diligence in getting her the best gifts for the duration of our relationship. I dont' care to keep them, but I really just don't want her hanging onto them, when, at the time I gave them, I was under the impression that she was the one. Now, I feel like those are trophies to her, from yet another. And I feel like, at the time I was in it with her, she was not so far into the relationship. I wish she had the decency to just say--"You know, I don't think I can accept these", and let me go.


But F* her.

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yeah but you were the dumpee...so


You know, I don't think I can accept these"


i am wavering. obessing i guess. i am thinking that maybe i shouldn't have returned them so late. i wonder if it makes me look bitter, or upset, or etc. why should i even worry? cause there's still that little voice that gives me a little hope. that voice that takes the longest to disappear i guess. (cause it's like well, since i did this he will think this and respond like this).


but then again...he is the one who in essensce...let me go.


i was fine until a friend told me what she thought of me leaving the gifts, now i'm obsessing. not too much, but enough to mention it here.


Feel good because you're on your way to healing up

i am going to try to stick with this thought

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