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I am an introverted person and I am not ready to admit my sexuality to the world, but I am sure that my workmates are suspicious and are talking behind my back.


I don't think that they are homophobic, but they love having someone to laugh about.


I feel that they like having something to laugh about more than they really care about weather I'm really gay or not, but I'm not ready to admit anything to them.


What do I do?

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None of this is any of their business. I am sorry your co-workers are causing you angst, but they are very small-minded.

I had a situation when I started working at my current job where people yammered about me and my love life, and even started rumors about me and more than one married co-worker.

I was very upset by this, but chose to ignore it and not react to it at all. When confronted directly, I merely said "If only my life were that interesting!"

The eventually backed off. As a result, I never discuss anything personal with my co-workers until they earn my trust.


If you are not ready to come out, that's YOUR prerogative. Don't let these toxic idiots get the better of you.

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Be not ashamed of yourself and you'll have nothing to be ashamed for. Have confidence in who you are. It is only our insecurities that cause people to judge us. If they know we are embarrassed about something, they'll treat it as something to be embarrassed of. Laugh off little stuff like it's no big deal and it wont be- no matter what. Once a girl's skirt feel down in the hall and she just pulled up and laughed at it with her friends and everyone else also saying, "omg!" If she hadnt of joined in, they'd still be laughing- know what I mean?


People will treat you not only by how you treat them, but by how you treat yourself- your attitude towards yourself becomes as thick as smoke... with everyone stirred up inside

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