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Is this normal human behavior?

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Hey! Hope that everyone is doing good! ..... Well, I had a talk with my bf and he admitted thinking about having sex with other women sometimes ( but he has never had sex with someone other then me since he's been with me). But I was just wondering, is this normal? Or if not, what does it mean?

thx for ur replies!!

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Well, Men fantasise about other women, I think it is quite normal behaviour. As long as he's not doing anything about the fantasies, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Girls also sometimes fantasise about other men, don't tell me you don't drool at a georgeous guy when you see him on the street?

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Well it is normal for people to sometimes fantasize about people other than your partner.....though it IS odd that he would actually TELL you that, as to me it seems to be disrespectful of your partners feelings.


It's one of those things we all know happens but we prefer not to know all the details or confirm it

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ya its normal. except like someone said, thats not something you just say to your partner because it is disrespectful. You shouldnt ask those things either because it may hurt your feelings.


Sexual attraction to people is normal. Its what you do about it that makes the differenc.e You can either a)notice them and think wow and then go about your business

b) cheat and then we have a problem.


So as long as he is good to you, respects you and devotes his entire attention to you when he's with you and does not stare at other girls like its all good when you're around -or- continues to tell you he thinks of other women this way...he's absolutely normal.


ps: heck i can tell you a list of guys i drool over behind my boyfriends back, however I am in love with my man and more than happy to be in a monogamous relationship with just him

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Well, I'm not your normal guy so take the opposite of what I think here and you'll get normal behavior. If I ever end up with a girlfriend, I don't see my thoughts of other females going beyond, "ya, shes cute." I just can't look at girls and think sex, have too much respect for them. Since your boyfriend doesn't think like this, everything is perfectly normal.

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