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Needing advice from the guys

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There is this great guy that I have known for years. He always says hi and talks to me and the conversations we have aren't just casual talk. Plus he always finds away to make me smile. I haved liked him for sum time now and I would like to go some where with him, at least let him know that I am interested in him, but I don't have a clue in what I should do as a girl??? I mean what is a girl to do to let the guy know she's interested or could it just be that he just wants to be friends? How would I know?

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ok thats easy... since u r a girl it is hard for u to say to him that u like him... it is hard for a girl to get rejected more than a boy... so i think you should try to tell him that u like him in indirect signsss. like trying to talk to him alot, everytime u see him try to talk to him and make some eye contact.. well just show him that u like him and care for him in indirect way, if he is interested too he should do something... if he didnt do anything hmmm dont know but u have to try ! Good luck for u

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I see him at different places. At the store, restraurants, etc. Like the other day, I saw him at this store and I waved to him and he walked accross the store to talk to me. He seems to always go out of his way to talk to me. We've talked just about everything almost. Nothing is really ever really casual talk. It's always keeping up with what was last said, and what's gone on since. He really is a great guy, but what's next? What would let him know I'm more interested than being friends.

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I have never asked a guy out in my life. My daughter and sisters knew I liked this guy and they told me I should ask (I could tell he liked me too, chemistry). Sooooo, I made up my mind the next time I saw him I would. I said ".......maybe sometime we could go for coffee" he replied "yeh maybe sometime, I'm kind of busy downtown right now and he walked away fast.


Now the strange thing is I keep running in to him, where as before I wouldn't see him for weeks or more at a time.


I will not ask a second time he's lucky he got the first!

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some people think its bad for the girl to ask the guy out, but i dont see anything wrong in it. plus there are different levels of asking somone out. There is asking the person to go some place to have a good time and of course there is the asking out to be bf and gf. Im sure in everyones mind that is the guys job but there is no harm in the girl calling the guy up and saying "Hey thinking about you want to go to a movie" or anything along those lines. i know the situation ur in cuz im the guy in the situation....haha not with you but with a girl i like. i like her but there are times when i wish she would come to me and say about going to eat somewhere. idk its like hard to always be the one asking the girls to do everything sometimes and you just want them to come to you. But my advice would be to ask him to go hang out someplace, get to know him more, flirt (always a plus and see where things lead to. if they are leading to something really good then try a lil more with him like possibly holding hands. at the end of the night, give him a hug and say that you had a really great time with him and you hope to do something again if thats alright...idk something like that? hope this helps any. I wish you luck

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