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I don't understand this guy!

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Sorry, this is a bit long.


A childhood friend of mine from church moved away but still visits at least once a year to see his family that lives here. Whenever he comes back he always flirts with me. (Although we've known each other for maybe 15 years, he does not really know me because I have been shy in the past and have talked little to him. He was actually more my brother's friend than mine). Through a serious of events, while talking on the phone I asked if he wanted to be my boyfriend and he said yeah. That lasted a month, though. After professing his "love" for me, he didn't call me. He obviously didn't feel the same way for me as I did for him so we broke it off. He said that we'd had "our chance" and couldn't get mad if we met other people in the future. When he'd come to town after that I totally avoided him, but recently I decided to be a woman and talk to him. So, when he came over we talked and he was still trying to flirt with me and tell me how wonderful I am.


What I don't understand about this guy is, I only hear from him when he's in town, but when he comes he acts like he's so interested in me. What would posess a man to do this? Is it that whole thing about how women are more emotional and become more attatched than men?


(I should add that he's 25 right now and I am 24. Maybe it's an age thing. It's a shame because I still have some feelings for him and I could see us together in an alternate universe where he was more mature)

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Doesn't he only visit once a year?


If that was me, then I'd be flirting in the hopes of maybe getting some company/intamacy while visiting but knowing that it can't go from there because of the location difference.


If you lived nearby then maybe it would work, or maybe he's just one of those guys who likes flirting for the hell of it. You guys seem pretty old though to not be able to work this out. No offence intended.


If you really want to know then you're going to have to talk to him about it.

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Yeah, I know we seem pretty old. But the truth is, he's the only "boyfriend" I have ever had and I know he hasn't dated too much. We are both rather religious and are trying to save ourselves until marriage so neither of us has much experience with relationships.

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