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Ok....so I have a problem with burning myself. I can't help myself. If I am to survive I must do it. I hooked up with a girl online who is absolutely amazing. She is like my guardian angel. I have fallen for her really hard. She makes me feel great, alive again without the need to burn myself so much. I have never met this girl before but am dieing too!


What should i do? She does not know exactly how far my feelings for her extend. Should I tell her that I love her? Should I meet her?


Has anyone else been in this situation before?


What would you do?

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I disagree with the above comments. Not that they were not well-intended...but I believe that they probably do not really understand the concept of the self-mutilation because that was all they adressed. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone and I don't mean to say they are wrong, because the case may very well require seeing a doctor and seeking help. However, I know that this is not what you were asking. I don't know about the relationship and all...I mean, I guess I would have to know all the details to really even suggest what I might do. But...I think it is awesome that you have found someone who makes you feel so good and can help you start recovering from your self-injury. Sometimes we just need to know someone cares. Wait for the relationship thing until you are sure (is my advice), but hold onto the friendship. Good luck to you.


Also, welcome to enotalone. =)



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I don't think it's awesome for him to rest his mental health and possible safety on the potential of this relationship.


I understand your standpoint and I respect your opinion. I just have a different viewpoint. I can't know, because I don't know the whole story...but just taking from what he has shared, I took that he wasn't relying on her for his mental well-being but rather appreciating and recognizing that this girl cares for him which we all need now and then. And as for the burning, most self-injurers (And this is just a generaliztion, again I don't know the specifics), but most leave wounds little more severe than one any normal person could get on a daily basis and not think hardly anything of it at all. I agree if he is taking big risks with his burning and making bad wounds or fears to soon, he should seek help. However, if it is like many cases, it's not life-threatening and maybe all he needs is someone to show him that he matters. No, he can't lay that all on one person. But having one person care is a start to realizing a person is worth something which will naturally lead to recovery. Maybe this alone won't be able to do it. That's quite possible. But given what we know, I just don't feel like he should neccessarily run to get help if he feels he does not need to. For some people 'getting help' is more hurt than help in the end due to family drama or whatever else.

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