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Annnnnd we all tested


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English Conversation About A Health...
English Conversation About A Health Problem
15 minutes ago, boltnrun said:

According to the story, the little boy was going down fast and badly. It was an absolute last resort. Of course no one would want to put a tiny child through that unless nothing else was working. Poor little guy.

They do have better treatments now, thankfully. Like I mentioned, my son's spouse was put on Pavloxid (spelling?) and was symptom free and testing negative in three days. My son didn't get the medication and was sick for about a week and tested positive for ten days. 

Seraphim, it seems like rest and fluids are doing well for you. I'm glad.

For sure fluids have done wonders . We may test positive for a bit but we will be ok. After 5 days or 24 hours without symptoms we can go back to life whether we test positive or not . We have decided my husband and I will test before visiting our elderly mothers though . So far my mom is ok thank God. 

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21 minutes ago, boltnrun said:

I hope she is negative.

Like I mentioned before, I was directly exposed twice, both times for several hours, and I didn't get infected. So there's a good chance your mom is fine.

I hope so because I gave her a peck on the mouth which I obviously don’t do with other people ..: lol. But praying she is ok. 

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14 minutes ago, boltnrun said:

I hope you all are feeling better as well.

Your husband will likely be negative in the next day or two.

He is still feeling more rough than us but he was behind us a day or so in feeling bad. 
All of us are still coughing and have body pains but at least we aren’t shedding a lot of virus that is detectable . 

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