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She told me to move on.

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16 hours ago, Austino96 said:

i have a hard time accepting my failures and a hard time accepting that I cannot change the past especially when it comes to someone I care about. 

So, you cheated on someone you 'care about'?  Why?

And she also stated there was no real commitment? ( YOu mean re: the cheating?).


16 hours ago, Austino96 said:

I just have deep attachment issues from my childhood that make it hard for me to understand and de attach from negative relationships. If I’m being painfully honest it probably should’ve ended years ago but I just could never bring myself to end it. It’s so hard to admit these things because just today I told her I felt we were meant to be together maybe that’s just me being dumb.

I’m 25 and I’m terrified of being alone.

Alrighty, then things are done now and honestly, it's best imo. ( I guess is why you cheated?).

I suggest you just stop contacting her.  She ended things 2 wks ago.. So why keep at her?  You need to respect her and stop bothering her now. ( So, no begging or chasing- it will not help matters).


You, being afraid to be alone is something you NEED to overcome.  So, don't jump into another relationship again -- not yet.

Instead lean on some friends... get a hobby or a sport.  Keep yourself busy other ways.. And if you truly feel overwhelmed & lost, can you look into some prof help?  Someone to help you work through your issue's?  ( therapist).

I have been on my own almost 5 yrs and am okay with that.  I have a cpl friends and my pets and I do much on my own.


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Can you give some backstory about what happened with the cheating? I mean not the sexual details lol How did it happen and why do you think you did it? I know you realise what you did was wrong but in all fairness you can't really expect your girlfriend to just be OK with it and not feel anything. Maybe she was trying to forgive you but she just doesn't feel like she actually can. 


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