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Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. Its always been hard for me to meet women. In the past I have usually met them in clubs. But for the last couple of years I have been meeting them through internet dating sites. I've met many women this way...some were nice and some just weren't my type. I have dated a few. When I say "dated" I mean more than two months. Well,anyway lately I've been interested in meeting this woman from link removed. Looking over her profile we have so many things in common. I already know that I want to meet her and don't want to blow it. We talked on the phone briefly,she is supposed to call me later for a more in depth conversation. If all goes well I plan to ask her if I can meet her. Now here is the problem...I run out of things to say very quickly. I mean I ask her about her interests,her living arrangements,her job and family. But beyond that I am lost. What do you usually talk about on the first date?

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You can talk about any good books or movies either of you has seen or read recently, vacations you've taken or other places you've been and what that was like, what her career involves, and what yours involves, some hot new political issues (well, maybe steer clear of politics on the first date, LOL)


But if you've made it past a second date with other women it sounds like you are doing OK for yourself.

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The trick to getting a topic underway is to make a statement and then ask a question:


i.e. What I like best about the summer is picnics and walks - what do you like the best.


Now, you can pick up what she says and talk about that, see where that leads. Then, when that goes dry, revert back to what you said - why you like picnics. She may answer what she likes or dislikes about picnics: she might say she likes going to the beach - pick up on that. Let the conversation wander, but you can always revert back to the original question. Having exhausted picnics, you can then go back to talking about walks and do the same thing.


Once all that is done - repeat with another generalised topic.


Make sure you let her speak and listen carefully - it will give you a chance to expand on something she said or encourage her to.

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