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Does eating rice make you shorter?

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This topic is related to my previous post about "height gap relationship." My parents always told me that eating rice makes people grow short. Maybe they just thought this because most Asians are shorter than most Caucasions, rice is the main food is the Asian diet. I want to know the truth...is this true, or is this just rumor???? I don't want my future children (esp. my future male children to be short.....i want them to be tall like me....so should I avoid feeding them rice?

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hah!! that kills me!! when i read the title of your post, it i couldn't stop laughing


but no! it would explain why on average, asians are not as tall as north americans


but scientifically, it probably doesn't - look at Yau Ming he probably ate tons of rice



woah - i just saw the last post

Yes and it will give you slanted eyes too and a strong desire to work in a a nail salon.........
where did that come from
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LMAO - your parents telling you that reminds me of something my grandparents would have told me like, "eating the crusts on your bread will make your hair curly" (I didn't want curly hair anyhow, and I still hate crusts).


They probably just said that off-handedly because Asian people are generally much smaller than North Americans. I feel like a giant around a group of Asian girls (or GUYS for that matter). 5'9 is tall, but not that tall for Canada.


And for the record, I've been eating rice bi-weekly (at least) for the past 20 odd years. I love it (basmati is the best).

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Asians are shorter overall due to less protein in their diets. This has changed over time but it will take years for it to pass out of the genes.


Please site your source.


Why are African-American's taller? What about the people in Ethiopa? Do those kids have a lot of protein in their diet?


This thread is hilarious. The more I read it, the more amused I am by people's ideas.

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i like rooster brand - they come in insanely huge bags too. lasts me for 4 months at least.


i think these days, only the japanese, koreans, vietnamese and indonesians have a longer life expenctancy because the polution nowadays in china is ridiculous - their life expectancy will certainly drop. but then again, i'm not sure what i'm talking about



Please site your source.
when did this site become like writing a paper for publication
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Height has to do with two factors genetics and nutrition. Obviously you cannot help your genetic structure, but your diet will have a great influence on your ability to grow taller. If your body has the proper nutrition then it will grow as tall as possible given your genetic structure.


If you really think that eating rice is a factor in determining height all you have to do is look at Yao Ming (a Chinese basketball player for the Houston Rockets) he is 7'4 (2.23 meters). Given the cultural ignorance it doesnt surprise me that people think this way but in fact there is actually a region in China where people are extremely tall.


If you want to insure that your children have the best possible chances at being tall then make sure you marry a person who is tall and both of her parents are tall. Although it is possible that you could still produce smaller children depending on your and partners genetic structure.

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If you're so amused, why don't you share with us your vast knowledge of the subject---citing your sources too, of course.


I never attempted to explain why Asians tend to be shorter. You said protein played a part in it. I simply asked you to site your source, because I'm interested in learning, so inform me if you can.

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*sigh* Alright - I'm going to put my 2 cents in...


No - eating rice does not make you grow shorter. There are 2 main things that contribute to your height: 1) genetics and 2) nutrition.


As for the question: "Does eating rice make you grow short?" No. It doesn't. Unless a compound in rice has been identified that stunts your growth, no, eating rice does not make you grow short. Not having proper nutrition during your childhood/adolescence, yes, that can stunt your growth.


You also have to remember that many western countries feed their livestock hormones, which then enter our systems, making many westerners taller than they're "supposed" to be.

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You also have to remember that many western countries feed their livestock hormones, which then enter our systems, making many westerners taller than they're "supposed" to be.


By western countries you mean the U.S., I suppose? I am pretty sure that bovine growth hormone is illegal back home (E.U.)... Just makes me wonder why something an entire continent has declared harmful is so widely accepted in the U.S...


I guess it no longer matters at my age. Call me a snob, but I'd neved feed my children non-organic milk or beef while they're young.

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Eating rice will also sharpen your math, make you a hardworker, likely to have an asian accent when you speak english, thin, black hair, cook anything with oil, no roasting, earn YOUR money, mutilingual, and polite.


I don't know, potatoes and spagetti seems to have different effects as well.

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