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Should this be cause for concern in my relationship?


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2 hours ago, sysnoot said:

So it’s strange she purposefully omitted that information knowing how I feel about it.

It's not strange for people who are deceptive, unfortunately. 

I think she was looking forward to spending time with him, so she didn't want to tell you because she knew you would have a problem with it. Maybe she was hoping to get closer to him again. But then he wound up with someone else and it ruined everything for her. 

This girl is not in any place to date you, OP. She's not over him and she's not honest. This is only going to end one way, and it will be messy. 

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For you and anyone else reading this thread, take it from someone who also experienced this and has finally cut all ties from the relationship. End it now and work on moving on. Chances are you had some great times, if not a very fast and 'whirlwind' beginning. These will keep you tied down because its a manipulation tactic. My ex lovebombed me for months then suddenly ignored me for weeks before telling me how jealous and hurt they were that their ex from two years prior was getting married.

Someone who posseses the common sense to know telling your current partner about what your ex is up to and how it effects you is hurtful, yet still does it behind the plausible deniability of being "honest" is the exact opposite. On top of her already lying by omission to you. You do NOT want to be in a position where you question their actions and motivations constantly, it will almost always be flipped back onto you. Do not give them the benefit of the doubt, they've shown you who they are.

It won't be easy to move on so quickly but over time you'll start to see things for what they are, you are not missing out on this person whose actions show the feelings between you aren't entirely mutual.

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