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Friend is acting different

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My friend and I had a very neutral connection. Suddenly one night she texted me and she was very romantic. 

After that she started sexting me every week. She said she never sexted anyone before but she feels a strong chemistry with me.

I like sexting her. 

The thing is I am confused...

The way she sext is very emotional and keeps asking me what I am feeling and tells me how much she wants me and asked me if I can call her terms of endearment... etc

On the other hand now our conversations only about sexting and said she sext to release her sexual needs

I moved to another city so I didn’t see her for a while. So I can’t see her in person and ask or at least judge.

Is it possible that she has feelings for me or just wants to sext. 

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She might have feelings for you, she might not.  What you do know for sure is she is not interested in acting on any feelings by getting to know you as a person - she wants to limit her interactions with you to sexting and you have been accepting of that.  How close a friend was she before this and how long were you close platonic friends.  Friends don't have neutral connections - I have feelings about my friends.  If I didn't they would not be my friend. 

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