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I'm a lesbian with an asexual wife. Anyone?

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16 minutes ago, searchingforinsight said:

My wife recently discovered (Jan 22) that she is asexual. I don't want to argue about whether that's a thing. I want to know if anyone has been married and gone through this. I am hoping to get some insight. I love my wife as much as ever, but I'm lost.

How long have you been married? How old is she? How is her physical and mental health?

How long after the marriage did she state this? How is the rest of the relationship, communication, conflicts, etc.?

The dead bedroom scenario is unfortunately quite common. She can label it any way she wants but the result is the same. All you can do is get to the root cause through couples/marriage therapy, particularly specializing in LGBT relationships.

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Home life is good, social life is good. We share many passions and enjoy our time, when we can get it. We've been together 19 years and have been legally married since 2014. Our physical health is good and both hold upper-level jobs successfully.  She has had a waning interest, through the years, but I didn't realize that she would identify as asexual. Now I'm faced with the fact that I may not ever have sex again.


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