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I got a date!! Page 2 please!!

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Hey ladies. It's me again. I'm so clueless about girls. It's sad really. Need proof? See my other posts.


Would you lie about having a boyfriend to someone you weren't interested in? Do you know people who do?


I ask because a girl I'd like to ask out may have a boyfriend. I heard from a friend that talked to her, not from her. He's a bit older and she may not have been interested, so I wonder if maybe she was saying that to him. When I talk to her she seems nice and receptive to my jokes and mild flirting.


What do you guys think? I welcome everyone but Shidoshi. Man that guy's a pain!! J/K

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I take it J/K means joke? Hope so, anyway.


If you ask her out, ask her if she has a boyfriend. You will find out sonner or later if she does.


If you don't ask her because ahe might then you could lose out on a great relationship.

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I've known girls who said they had a boyfriend as an excuse to get out of the conversation because as you said, they weren't interested. Personally I think that's low and cowardly, but that's me.


To your above post: I'd ask if she has a boyfriend before you ask her out. If she has a boyfriend, chances are she'll say no.



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I think I'll ask her like this.


"Hey M, you want to go with me to Molly Malone's this weekend?"

And if she says yes, I'll be like.

"Your boyfriend won't mind will he?"


What do you think?.


Not good - if she doesn't have a boyfriend she may feel insulted that you ask that.

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True, true. Damn I'm bad at this stuff. Guess that's what happens when you've been with the same person for nearly 8 years and are trying to get back in the game.


I feel weird asking her flat out, though. That feels like saying. "I like you, do you like me?"

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Well, the worst that could happen is that she says no. Surprisingly, the world will not end - not even yours.


Beer? Don't be tempted - "Will you go out with me?" wafted accross to her on beer breath may not be as alluring to her as beer commercials would have you believe.

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Heh, I know. More for nerves than enything els DN.


The worst is say no. And then, since we work together, I'd have to see her everyday, and relive that answer. Everytime she walked by I'd wonder why I bothered. I'd wish I could feel fine talking to her again. I'd beat myself up for thiking she would want to do something with me. I'd realize that my flirting was not received like I thought.


See, there's more to it than someone saying no. Heh.


Then again nothing ventured nothing gained, and you only get one chance at some things in life.

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Then again nothing ventured nothing gained, and you only get one chance at some things in life.


Someone mention my quote?...anyways


Man all night I've been trying to build up the nerve!! I can't do it! Why do girls do this to me?!!


That's your problem right there...its okay to 'plan'..but not okay to 'build' yourself up, you're thinking too much and psyching yourself out before you even do anything....There's no quick fix, you gotta learn to stop caring about what she thinks tho, if she a b/f...move on, if she says no..move on..if she says yes..move in lol


And yes..girls will lie about havin a b/f or dating someone seriously in order to keep from really letting a guy down hard or something....had it been done to me, and don't listen to it now.

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I asked her out for the weekend and she said YES!!!! I have a date!! I hope... She didn't say she has a boyfriend, of course I didn't ask, but why would she say yes if she did?


YAAAAYYYY!!! This really perkd up my day!!! Thanks everybody yet again for being the best people a guy could know online. You're all so ready with advice. Thank you all!!!!

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Let me give you some advice: (You may already have thought of this)


Make shure you plan everything out as much as possible. The exact time, day, place, everything. Try not to leave things up to chance. If you dont plan when and how you will meet her she can slip out of it. You may even want to call her back a day before your date and confirm everything to make shure she still has the same plans.


My experience was that I said we would meet at a event that was happening in town but we didnt set an actuall DAY (it was on the weekend) so when I called to hook up on the first day of the event she was like, "oh I didint plan on coming today, sorry I shoulda told you" The next day we ran into each other at the event and she said, "oh why didnt you call me" Well I guess i was my fault for not pinpointing the exact day down.


Good luck and try to be yourself.

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Thanks 1899, I am thinking of details now. We have a place, but not a day and time yet. I'll leave that up to her. Have to get her number or give mine before then.


I'm always myself. It wouldn't be much fun if i wasn't. Now if I could quit grinning like a dork for five seconds. Heh.

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