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finding a friend your age (appx 35) the old ways

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hi everyone


was wondering what people do these days to find a girlfriend or boyfriend and is there still a way you can still meet someone from this generation the good old ways like our parents did in the 80s-90s by actually going out and meeting face to face.


wondered because found out that the sisters seeing someone and its reminding you how much you want the friend and you know that it wont happen fast and you are doing everything you can and you cant do anymore at moment.

am usually working every weekend and while thats not all the reason its certainly not helping things.


is there a way and what can be done until your not working weekends or holidays or atleast not every one of them.


just feeling like it is never going to happen even though people say it will eventually, dont have hundreds every time to hire a social companion even if its get the confidence.


and sometimes you feel like you have no one even though you really do.


last time that had gotten to experience something not even comparable was in 2005 at year 12 formal when taking a cousin and in 2013 at a friends bbq someone was there and spoke to her and thats got to be a step as never met her before and in january 2014 at a cousins wedding danced with another cousin and in 2015 watched a movie with that same cousin that had danced with at wedding year before as arrived earlier for some reason as they already were watching something and also later in 2015 another cousins friend.


the above is the only chances that have had and now its 2022, atleast 7 years after.


what are good ways to talk to girls and let them know what youre looking for.


where would you go in a small town and is there a way to meet someone from this generation way people used to by going out.


what is a way to find a girl during coronavirus, what is a safe way while trying to delay or avoid it as thats one thing not helping.


if you could reply back thatd be great.



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12 minutes ago, daisy202027 said:

what are good ways to talk to girls and let them know what youre looking for

.like our parents did in the 80s-90s

How old are you? Do you live with your parents? Do you have a car? Go to highschool or college? Do you have a job and some spending money?

Is dating allowed in your country/culture or is it just for finding a spouse?

You don't walk up to girls and tell them what you want.

You ask them on dates to get to know them.

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Join social hobbies and make it your mission to have conversations with the other participants. Step one is broadening your social circle. 

Even in a small town, even if you work weekends, maybe you could join an 8ball team? That was one thing you could do in large town I grew up in and it’ll bring you into contact with new people. (Will you enjoy the company of any of them? Maybe. I left large town and moved to small city and found my people there). 

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What are your hobbies? Meet new people through there. I’ve never dated through work circles or via family contacts but I have met people doing my own thing and engaged in other interests. 

Working a lot of hours will get in the way and I can relate to that. Pace yourself and remember self-care and spending time on you and taking care of you is more important than finding a partner. 


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You can meet new people anywhere. My friend, he met a girl just standing in line at Starbucks. 

It’s just a matter of putting yourself out there. Take a college class, join a meet up that shares your interests. 

Im going back to college to pursue an associate degree at the age of 40 hoping I meet new people. 

So you can make friends at any age. 

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If the old fashioned ways haven't been working for you, even though you've had plenty of time since 2013 to research and learn ways to improve these methods, then what is it that makes you want to limit yourself to those methods instead of using an online app?

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