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The guy who was seeing before keeps coming back to me.

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3 hours ago, catfeeder said:

I can appreciate why you'd want to assign no fault to the guy, but what does it say about his willingness to mess with a wife and mother, still living with her husband and children?

This isn't about villainizing anyone--it's about the practicality of your choices and behavior.

This is not a moral finger-wag--the key word is 'practical'. 

Consider your relationship with husband and what your behavior together will teach your children about what they can expect from loving relationships as they grow?

Even babies who are pre-verbal begin forming their attachment maps from how they are treated AND what they observe of their parents' love for one another.

If your interactions with your husband are not models of love for your children, you are not benefitting them by staying in a loveless household.

Isn't that more important to consider than some flakey lover?




Wow your words are powerful. Thank you for your energy! 

You made me to realize many things. I’ll more focus on my child and his future. 

I liked you call this guy “a flakey lover”. Indeed😂

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