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Love interest turned friends, but I still feel it.

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Sounds as though the two of you have been open with one another to cover details like rent and boundaries with bringing dates back to the home. 

The rest will play out and raise itself as necessary. For instance, should you come home to find her cutting up lines of a drug at your dining table, you'll address that. 

Hah! I raised that scenario because it happened to me with a roommate back in my 20's when I didn't own the backbone to deal with it very well. 

The reason I say 'play out' is because living with someone can be a magnifying glass that can actually neutralize, rather than necessarily amplify, romantic or sexual feelings toward another.

Years ago I met a friend's brother at a bar and thought he was handsome--and even a possible BF for me. I'd just moved to their town. Friend soon got called out of state for a job, and brother met me at same bar to introduce me to his landlady who rented rooms.

It wasn't long after I moved into the house with brother that our incompatibility became apparent. I was happy to never date the guy even while we got along fine as roommates. 

Enjoy your navigation through this transitional time together and allow your questions to answer themselves over time.

I hope you'll let us know how things go!

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