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I like my exBfs younger cousin...

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Okay I know this might sound a little crazy but im falling for my exbfs cousin..Yeah I know..See the thing is me an my ex boyfriend broke up like 2 weeks ago and his younger cousin found out.. so over this weekend i went camping with my family for 3 days an just so happen his younger cousins family was camping right beside us so he came over an we started talking we talked for 3 days an some how we fell for one another.. The thing is..is that he probably wont go out with me because were his cousin dated me and his cousin will threaten him an he will stay away from me..God this is killing me i dont know what to do but the sad thing is ..is that we are 2 years apart in age.. Help Please

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Personally I can't say you should do anything about it for two reasons:


1. You are 16 he is 14.


2. You dated his Older Cousin.


For those reasons I can't see that working..


At sixteen years of age you will come by many boyz you are attracted to; you can't act on some for different reasons.


My advice is use self restraint and try not to think of him like that.. he is 14.






Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

Oscar Wilde

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first of all..pretty steamy icon. hehehe


and more importantly...give it time. dont rush into anything. if you feel like you could really care for this guy, take your time & let it flourish before you set apart him & his own blood. give your ex time to adjust to the breakup & then if desires are still there, then have your new crush discuss with him that he conjured some feelings for you.


lol im dating my ex bf's friend. except i really dont care. lol


take your time chica.



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