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Recent LDR, questioning my feelings

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So my gf moved for some work for a little bit, we talk a lot and stuff everyday. She's in Europe I'm in NA ATM. She will be back after Halloween about. But anyways randomly after I relieve another anxiety causing issue in my life. I feel less in love with them for whatever reason. Although I do love them and am attracted.


Is this me overreacting? Is this just a mood? I don't understand why I'm all of a sudden feeling this way when usually I worry and care for her even when she's asleep.






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For those of us who struggle with anxiety staying on top of a routine helps quite a bit. Get adequate sleep and good meals, work out a system for yourself that works for you. If you have an overactive mind or have negative thoughts that are playing on you find ways to keep a balanced perspective. 

Some find exercise helpful. Others need to learn something new like a language or play a new instrument, learn a new song. I find a routine even if it’s loose or not so structured very helpful. 

I tend to analyze a great deal. It goes on and on even when I’m relaxed or doing other things. I’m thinking about something else or trying to solve a problem. Practicing mindfulness or staying in the moment helps too.

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10 hours ago, bryanwoods44 said:

. I feel less in love with them for whatever reason. 

How long have you been dating? How old is she?

LDR are frustrating lonely and difficult. You stated she's coming back in a few months? 

Either you can break up or stick it out. It depends on how long you've been together.


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