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Why do some men become territorial over a woman they aren't dating? Especially when he's already in a relationship?

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49 minutes ago, Batya33 said:

It doesn't mean nothing -everything has a meaning.  People move towards pleasure and away from pain.  So what it means is at that moment he felt a benefit to himself from interrupting you and getting your attention.  You want it to mean that he is interested in you romantically - just because that's unlikely doesn't mean it "means nothing".  He might be interested in having intercourse with you again.  He might want you to know that so he stares at you.  But who cares what it means. 

The facts are you are someone he chose to have sex with in the past and he has never asked you out on a date or pursued a romantic relationship with you and he also might still have a girlfriend.  So consider those facts and consider that it's a royal waste of your time to analyze whether he remains sexually attracted to you.

I don't want it to mean that he's romatically interested in me. I find it odd that he would do this when he's in a relationship. That's why I'm asking the question hoping that someone could give advice as to why a guy would behave in this way when he's in a relationship. I've never been in a situation like this before. He actually did try to see me again after we had sex. But I didn't see him again because I thought he was just trying to cheat on his girlfriend again. 

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53 minutes ago, PinkCherryx said:

I find it odd that he would do this when he's in a relationship.

Not really, after all he hooked up with you while in a relationship. He probably chases a lot of women, so steer clear.

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11 hours ago, PinkCherryx said:

I'm not hoping anyone says anything. I guess I just don't get how it can mean nothing. I've never had a guy interrupt me while I was talking to another guy. It was the way that he did it that seems odd to me. But perhaps you are right and it means nothing. Thanks.

It doesn't mean nothing -as I wrote -it simply doesn't have the meaning you wish it had. Big difference.  He may just like the attention he gets from interrupting your conversations - he gets a reaction and it's amusing.  As with young children often negative attention is preferable to being ignored. 

I offered to buy a man ice cream during our trip to Europe this past week.  With my husband and son standing there.  I just wrote that -so...let's see.  Might the man have thought I was trying to be flirtatious? Sure he might have - because people ascribe all sorts of meanings to communication. 

The meaning was - he was an employee at the tourist information center, we asked him where his favorite ice cream place was, he told us, told us how to walk there and I said "thanks so much - can I bring you some ice cream?"  He smiled and said thanks but no it's fine.  Perhaps he thought I was trying to flirt.  I wasn't but I could see where he'd ascribe that meaning. 

You're setting up this weird dichotomy where if he didn't mean to flirt with you it means "nothing".  That is why I and the others believe you're trying to do whatever it takes to tell yourself he is flirting and he is therefore romantically interested in you.  To the point that if it wasn't flirting it must mean "nothing."

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16 hours ago, PinkCherryx said:

I find it odd that he would do this when he's in a relationship


He cheated on his girlfriend with you. I am not sure why are puzzled that he continues to behave like this. He is that type of guy. 

Aim higher. Don't waste time or your self-respect by letting men like this toy with you. 

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