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My (M27) relationship with GF (F27) is on the rocks...

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1 hour ago, relationshipsAreHard said:

Yeah I think I definitely am. I worry about the struggle that it is to find a new meaningful relationship and I think of the 2 years that I have already put into this one. And although it may not sound like it I basically gave her everything I had for the 2 years so my whole life revolves around her.

We've all been there. Not great. Change things around and take time out for you too. 

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13 hours ago, relationshipsAreHard said:

we already moved in together and I have been living at her place for like a year now, a lot of the deterioration and the end of the honeymoon phase happened after I moved in.







This is when you should have packed your bags and left. This is why we date before committing to a lifetime together...to see if you get along, respect each other, enjoy each others company, work as a team, and have the same goals. Therapy is not going to save this relationship. A good choice would be to call it quits. 

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