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Woman doesnt like straight talk 

What Attracts Men to Women? Beginne...
What Attracts Men to Women? Beginners Guide!

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Boy, don't guess a girl's  thoughts 
As much as you guess, you'll never understand

Guess wrong. 
And in her heart, you're a fool

if  you don't guess 
In her eyes you're a ***


So when a woman asks "What can you offer to me?" 

What does the woman really want? 

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Well.. if you're referring to a 'girl' ( not a woman) .... and in her heart you are a 'fool', nevermind!

Someone who asks something like that, I do hope you know her pretty well.

She may be referring to what can you offer in a relationship- but is actually an odd saying IMO. ( Is like she has high expectations).

If I felt something with my partner, I would not proposition them in that way.  In time, I'd see IF we're at least compatible, able to mesh well, if we can work through our issue's etc.


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Is it the one that cheated or some other girl?

Anyway, usually doesnt mean anything good. Like if they are asking to "sell" yourself to them and in a sense of "What can you offer that I cant find anywhere else?". Very smug behavior where you need to "woo" her as she is in some kind of pedestal so you need to have a certain level she likes to take you into consideration. Like a job interview lol

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