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Are relationship doubts normal?



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Yes if they are resolved fairly easily and don’t shake you to the core. It depends what category - is it a doubt about the depth of your feelings or commitment or his?  Something your partner can resolve or change like a bad habit (as opposed to a core value ?).
Is it fleeting like - you’re watching a movie and he casually comments something positive about a female actress and you feel insecure - but you realize that’s on you- that he meant nothing by it and you’re feeling particularly fragile that day. 

is it jitters like your partner finally said he or she wants to get engaged soon and despite being excited it hits you as to how life changing it is - are you really ready ??- but the jitters fade and are replaced by positive feelings - or is it like a realization that what you wished for has come to pass - but he or she is really only Right on Paper. 
Yes. Certain doubts are normal. Also normal to feel none ever.  I don’t buy the “it’s normal because everyone has them”.  It’s normal from an individual perspective.
And rationalizing that core shaking doubts are normal because everyone has them is a short term bandaid. And requires constant validation seeking from outsiders. 

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Nothing in this world is perfect, it all has it's flaws. We as humans have our flaws.

Through out your relationship you're going to have good times and bad times.

During the bad times, you may question your relationship, wonder if it's working, if it's the right relationship for you, if it should continue.

I think it's normal and natural to go over things in your head from time to time when you feel conflicted.

People who are married and have been in a happy marriage for many years still wonder during conflict if their partner is the right one.

Emotions and upset can bring up these questions, and it's okay and perfectly normal.

However, if you are finding that you are constantly questioning your relationship (daily, weekly, or even monthly), constantly feeling upset or conflicted, if it's bringing you more bad than good and you're in a constant state of confusion...then you're in the wrong relationship. 

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