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Wife doesn't orgasm


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18 minutes ago, JoyfulCompany said:

Please, don't say to your wife she should have shut her mouth about it.

I agree... I understand your anger, but it's misdirected.  

Your anger is really more about the lack of communication.  So telling her something like this (to stop communicating!) will only make that lack of communication even worse.  

Hopefully y'all can go to therapy to work it out together... this is deeper than just lack of orgasm.  Hopefully she can open up and you can forgive her/work through the process with her and find happiness together.

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31 minutes ago, JoyfulCompany said:

In your metaphor above I would say I state I don't eat steak (btw, I really don't 🙂) before someone tries to cook one for me and we're in an awkward or hurtful situation.

Please, don't say to your wife she should have shut her mouth about it. It would have come up one way or another. Then she would've been blamed for putting you in a position of constant doubt and questioning yourself by not being upfront from the start or who knows what.

I agree that it would've come up at some point. Like with any other message, it's all in how clearly you say it. 

If she had said, "it's a me thing and I'm not concerned with it and you shouldn't be either," that would have been fine.  She's able to communicate in a way that doesn't feel like shaming and blaming. It sounds like you are upfront about having a tougher time cumming but you aren't really bothered by it so the guy shouldn't focus on it either. 

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