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Does he still like me? Do I still have a chance?

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I broke up with my Exboyfriend for the second time six month ago. He says that we just dont match, that he still likes me but that cost too much effort. We had a long distance relationship.


I was devastated, but thought that if I once managed to get him back after a 1 year break I could again. We e-mail eachother and talk on the phone. I always iniciate the contact. But everytime I am asking him to meet up he says no.


I found a job in the same town as his, and now we would have a real chance to work out. I did not give him any indication that I want to get back, but he is still avoiding me.


When I ask him what is wrong with him, he tells me that he is not ignoring me. If I ask him why he does not want to meet up then, he does not reply.


What is wrong with him? Does he not trust himself with me? Or is he really not interested?

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But he sent me a birthday card and we have long conversations over the internet! If he was not interested surely he would ignore me. He is not the type of person who has the patience to be merely civil... or not?

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His actions are clearly telling you that he is not interested in a relationship. If you have any doubts, pick up the book, "He's just not that into you" by the writers of Sex and the City.


You are initiating all contact, and he refuses to meet up with you whenever you ask. Does that sound like a guy who is interested in getting back together with you?


Time to let this one go. It's futile to beat a dead horse.

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I have an ex whom I send b-day cards to, have long conversations with via the phone and IM but I have no desire to see her in person. I'm just comfortable the way things are now.


I don't know the whole story with you and your ex, but maybe he feels the same way about you. Once again, you need to move on. You're starting to give off a stalker vibe.

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I'm not a stalker, we only talk once a week. I am not asking him to meet up with me to go out with me again, but just to catch up as friends. I have not given him any indication that I do want to get back with him and it has been 6 month since we broke up.


We had a contact break of 4 weeks when I had to go and work abroad. I just think that maybe if we are based together in the same city it may be worth a shot. And if he does not want to meet up but still stays in contact it maybe means he still has feelings for me.

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It really does not sound as though he is interested in dating you. He left you six months ago and hasn't shown, at least from what you said in your posts, any interest in rekindling your relationship. While I don't think you are acting like a stalker, I do think you should accept that he chooses not to date you right now and let it go.

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My boyfriend totally devastated me last year. We were friends for a bit, but it wasn't until he actually called me up one night after we had just hung out that entire day and told me that he missed me and wanted me back that I assumed anything.


I agree with the others. If he doesn't even want to meet up with you, I don't think he wants to be with you right now. I still talk to an ex via IMs once a week, but I sure as hell don't want him. We're just sort of friends.

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I guess you guys a right. I just think that I really care about him I will find a way to be his friend, and deal with him having other girlfriends and so on. Getting back is not my ultimate aim, I miss him as a friend aswell.


Maybe he needs time to realise that hanging out with me is not that bad.

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