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DAY 4 - NC. She called me

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DAY 4 now. Have to be strong. Especially when she follows up with phone calls after I didn't return her email in the afternoon.


She called me twice in the evening. I didn't read the email she sent early, but don't know what she was trying to get at.


I am temp just to email her back saying i missed her calls. But I am hanging in there for now. FOCUS.

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it gets easier. my ex called me on sunday....after not speaking for 2 or 3 months. i looked at the phone, saw it was her, just put it back down and wasnt tempted to call her back. i just dont have anything to say to her. its only day 4, your doing real good. im assuming you are trying to just get over her?

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Sub....hang in there!!!!

Make us proud!! LOL

It's ONLY 4 days..imagine how much stronger you'll be in 26 days!!

You're not obligated to her in any way. It was HER choice to do this, so she needs to live witht he consequences of her decision. Let her see how life without you is for a while. As long as you jump whenever she says "frog" she will NEVER be able to fully appreciate you.

Stay strong!! Keep posting if you need to.

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Thanks you all. I stayed strong. Focusing on my work and resisted the temptation to email her.


The only flaw of the day came when she called to my office. I had no choice but to answer the phone. But it was all good, I was calm and had control over my emotions. The conservation last less than 30 secs. My mind is still very peaceful.

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