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Parrot still won't stop nipping


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Had my beloved conure for 5 yrs but have tried to get him to stop biting my hand every time I go near his cage.  It's not malicious but perhaps a territorial issue?   I even bought a new cage so that he is always lower than me.  Higher up and I think birds become "dominant" in nature.

They are more like hard pecks but sometimes he draws blood and boy does it hurt!





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Does he react this way whenever you approach the cage, or only when you extend your hand for him to climb on it to exit the cage?

How about when you tend to cleaning and feeding duties inside the cage?

Does he react this way outside of the cage, like when you approach his perch?

You may want to try using a glove to open the door, then walk away, ditch the glove, and allow him to come out of the cage on his own.

Once he's outside the cage, either place him on his perch or allow him to go onto his perch himself, and then you can clean the cage and tend to his food.

My experience with a double-yellowhead Amazon who belonged to my BF was that he'd be very aggressive toward me while inside his cage, but once he was outside, I could lift him from his perch or wherever he was. 

So I think you're right--it may be a territorial thing about his cage.

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