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Got rejected but want to try again.

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Hi, i've already posted about this girl twice (the posts are probably still floating around somewhere). We are pretty good friends, although we've never really met up outside of school. I asked her out about a month ago but she said that shes flattered that i would like her like that, but she likes me as a friend and doesn't want to ruin that friendship. I told her that if she ever changes her mind ill be there. She said that that was very sweet of me. she's been very nice to me, as always, always smiling to me and saying hello.

The school prom is coming up and i was thinking of asking her. A few of her girl friends keep asking me when i'm going to ask her (they know about me liking her, and they knew before she did because they're friends of mine as well), i don't know what it might mean. I know they were having bets on wether i would ask her first or if my good friend who also likes her would ask her first.

I found out that a few days ago he did ask her out to the prom and she did'nt want to go with him. - Her friends made a point of telling me this fact

I want to ask her to the prom, but after she rejected me i'm not sure if there's any point.

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Im sorry, and this isn't really the answer you want to hear probably.. but whenever i've used the "I don't want to ruin our friendship" excuse, it wasn't because I actually cared about the friendship enough that i didn't want to date them incase we broke up and lost it, but I just wanted to let them dowm nicely..


Ask her to the prom, though. "as friends" -- make sure she has a great time and realises what she's missing out on.

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oh and if you both go to the prom together as friends!


make her a little jelous, so dance with another girl or 2 before she dances with some guy!


its difficult to do that without actually being rude, so say something like "as were only here as friends, im gonna go dance with name of girl"


dont ask her if its ok, just say ur gonna do it, dont apologise either

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i think i have the same problem.. but i will say what i think... like kitz said she might want to let u down in a nice way... hmm iam not sure what to say really... thats the problem of girls when they behave sooo friendly.. u cant know whether they like u or just being friendly... ahhh hey ladies how do u react to tell a friend that u dont like him as a bf.. like u do just say to him " i dont wanna ruin our friendship " and continue like friends ?? ..... or u say the same sentence but try to get away from him so he wont ask u again ?...... or u can say that so u can know him better ? so maybe u are not ready for this now ? or u could be afraid ?

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