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Ex on Holiday whilst I am at home pining!

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My ex went away on a Caribbean cruise last Friday, I don't know why but this has made me feel really down. I think it is because I am just thinking that she is having so much fun and really living her life whilst I am still stuck here at home feeling soory for myself. We have been in NC for the past 4 or 5 weeks, broke up for 8. Why am I feeling like this??? Arrgggghhhhh!!!!! It was only a few weeks before we split that she was telling me how much she loved me etc etc and was worried that I was going to dump her! i just don't get it! All I can think of is her partying with some wealthy bloke on the cruise!!!!


On top of that I have been trying to get out and meet other women but it just doesnt seem to be happening. For example earlier this evening I was out with a friend and I was getting serious eye contact from a girl on the net table, I waited for a suitable opening and made my approach. Asked her name, told her mine and then asked if she would like to have a drink sometime. She said maybe. So I said have a think about it but I am leaving soon. Anyway sat back down, no more eye contact, I noticed a ring that she had earlier on her middle finger had now miraculously moved to her wedding finger. She never looked at me once again, as I was leaving I made a point of shaking her hand and saying goodbye but didn't bother wasting my time asking her if she had thought about us going for a drink!!!


Obviously I was too forward or something, asking her for a drink? i don't know but it has just made me feel worse and wonder why I bother. *sigh*



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Don't worry about it friend, tomorrow is a new day and you can go hit on another girl. And the meeting with that girl was a success, not a failure. You know exactly what you did wrong and now you can work to correct it. You did go too fast, but now you won't make that mistake next time. You should be encouraged, most guys can't even realize what they did wrong, or are too afraid to even try and talk to chicks.


Every time you think about your ex go hit on another girl. #1 You'll stop thinking about your ex when you do this and #2 You'll get really good at picking up women so you can find someone new and forget about ex entirely.


You can do it!

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