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How to get Get someone back into your life

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I was dating a guy for a couple of months and made a huge mistake by breaking it off with him because i thought he lived too far! which he doesnt and now i realized i made a huge mistake and want him back! I have emailed him and told him how i felt and even tried to call him and he emailed me back saying that he thinks im too much of a risk and cant let himself to get back with me. I wish i could just forget about him but i cant! I think about him everyday and realize what a huge mistake i made. Do you guys have any advice on how to get him back into my life? any suggestions?

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You can't make someone come back into your life. Now that you've let him know how you feel it's his decision whether or not he'll come back to you. It seems as if he's already made up his mind. Give it time. He may change his mind after having time to think about it. If he doesn't ever change his mind then take this as a life experience and learn from it. That seems to be the best way to turn a negative experience into a positive one from it.

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Sounds like right now he doesn't want you back. Reconciliation isn't always possible, you must realise. A few months isn't a long enough time to get the feeling you can't live without someone else. Generally the dumpee has this feeling, and if the dumper returns in time the reconciliation is easy. If you really want him back you have a lot of work ahead, if he decides to take you back anyways.

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Hi Nikki28


As the dumpee I know what he is feeling---He is currently feeling quite hurt & betrayed.


You have hurt him in ending things, so now I would say that with you wanting to get back with him, this has made him a bit confused & trying to make sense of it all.


He is taking caution, so he will not get hurt again...


I would say give him some more time to think about things & decide what he wants. But meanwhile you will have to prove to him that you do want to be with him & that you love him & care for him.


And that you will not hurt him again...



Hope all goes well...








"You only appreciate something good when its gone"

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