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Lack of motivation in my routine and goals

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7 hours ago, greendots said:

I don't believe in relying on motivation. It's great when it's there. Embrace it, make the most of it. But let's be real: sometimes life kicks you down, rubbish hits the fan. Motivation then becomes useless. So, what actually sticks with you day after day?

What do you automatically do every morning when you first wake up? Some drink a glass of water, others go to the bathroom, some check their phone. It's an automated response. Your brain has been trained to engage with that same action over and over again every morning. So your body responds and does it. Regardless of how you feel that day.

Find a way to train your brain with a positive trigger and make, say, "taking a shower" an automated response. For example, wanting to try out a new coconut body wash simply because you love the scent. It's an irresistible action where your brain goes "Hey, I'm looking forward to having a shower today" and eventually taking a shower will be part of your daily ritual, irrespective of how you feel.

My two cents.

This is so exactly what I do in that situation and I really love how you put it -might save as a reminder for myself.  I had to do that this morning - was up because of storms, then alarm as usual goes off at 5:01.  To go downstairs to the treadmill.  Was I motivated right then to get dressed and race down there (to be back in time to start getting things ready for my son's school?). I can barely think.  That is why my workout clothes are on my nightstand.  Water bottle filled in the fridge. Bag to put bottle in hanging by door and devices I need all charged and ready to grab.  No motivation needed.  The reward is worth it 100 times over.

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I don't always feel motivated.  I have to force myself to be productive, industrious, work hard and exercise. 

I don't always enjoy dieting.  However, I remember how I felt and looked after eating like the mainstream population.  I felt and looked dumpy and frumpy.  I'm never reverting to how I was. 

It would be wonderful to remain in bed all day, eventually get up, shower, eat whatever my heart desires, watch TV all day and night and live the life of a sloth.  I don't because I know how lousy I will feel mentally and physically.  Then it becomes a very bad habit,  repetitive vicious cycle and I'll rapidly go downhill from there.  It's not worth feeling awful.

Take good care of yourself because no one will do it for you.  It's your choice. 

I have to take good care of myself for myself and for my family.  If I'm out of commission, I can't take care of my household which includes my husband and sons.  I'm a strong machine and without me, my home life would disintegrate. 


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