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How do I handle this situation?

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12 minutes ago, HemispheresX1 said:

Not at all. I was set up to be fired. End of story. From here on out she gets to see the professional *** side of me. 

I don't think she cares that much about you, OP. 

I'm sorry, but your crush is not reciprocted and it would be wise to behave yourself at work. 

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23 minutes ago, HemispheresX1 said:

I think they (minors) were trying to convince me she was of age thinking I would ask her out and end up getting fired. 

Forget them. Focus on doing your job and steer clear of obnoxious teens. The only people you have to impress there are the mangers/boss and customers.

No one is "bagging for you". It's not a favor.

If there are customers the managers want people to move it along that means, they need to jump in, not stand around with their thumbs up their butts so people aren't on long lines.

Smile, be friendly to customers and polite to your mangers/bosses. If a customer tells the store manger 'that man at the counter was very helpful" that's golden. Not what snotty teens are goofing around about.

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13 minutes ago, boltnrun said:

I don't see from what you wrote, any evidence of "jealousy games".  Them making plans to go out when you can hear them?  Not a jealousy game.  Telling you she's 19?  Why would you ask her age anyway?  

Whatever the case may be, you are right, acting completely professional should always be the way you act.  No more trying to make eye contact with her and no more requesting her on social media.  Work is for work, not for trying to get the attention of female coworkers who you suspect may be underage.

I never asked her age. It was told to me. 

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13 hours ago, MissCanuck said:

OP, just focus on your work. 

The rest it doesn't matter and you will lose your job if you behave unprofessionally. 

If by professionally you mean avoiding all contact to avoid any false claims, you betcha. 

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